Armorer Course

Bushmaster® AR15 Armorer Class. Duration: 2 days. Price: $450.00 per student

Contact: LE@bushmaster.com



This course is limited to Law Enforcement, Government, or Military Personnel. Other arrangements may be accommodated with the instructor’s assessment and permission.


Course Outline:

-Cycle of functions:

This portion will teach how each function is performed within the weapon.

Each function will be covered in order of occurrence with an emphasis on identifying each component and understanding its relationship to the other components in the system.


-Armorer Level:

This section will familiarize the armorer with the process of conducting a thorough and documented inspection of the weapon system.

Each Armorer will perform an inspection on their weapon during this course.


-Troubleshooting Procedures:

This section will draw together all information covered in the course and provide the armorer with methods to effectively identify malfunctions and determine how best to resolve each problem.


-Maintenance Procedures:

This section will cover all aspects of routine cleaning and maintenance. After completion, this section will provide the armorer to be fully prepared to develop a maintenance policy and schedule that suits their unit and application.


Equipment List:

Bushmaster® will provide all training aids, printed material, tests, and evaluation sheets. Tools are NOT provided for student’s use during this course, but a list and aids to assist in procurement will be provided upon sign up. 


Each student will receive a certificate of training upon successful completion. Valid for three years.


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