Frequently Asked Questions

One of, if not the most frequently asked question, is regarding information on the serial number on a rifle. Unfortunately, historical information regarding serial numbers was not included when the Bushmaster® name was purchased and established in Nevada. Below is a general guideline from research our company has done in an attempt to assist consumers. Please note, this is strictly general guidance. Thank you. 


Serial Number Search: 


City and State engraved on lower receiver

Carson City, NV: 2021-current

Huntsville, AL: 2014-2019

Ilion, NY: 2011-2014

Windham, ME: 1976-2011



S/N BNV00000: 2021-Current

S/N BK0000000: 2011-2019

S/N BFI000000: 2006-2011

S/N L063001 and over: Post-Ban 1994-2006

S/N L063000 and below: Pre-Ban Assembled Rifles 


This guide is not complete and we are constantly working to find more information for our customers, past and present. Thank you.