$1,159.00 MSRP 90629



  • 1 in 8" twist non-chromed lined match-grade 20" fluted extra-heavy predator barrel 

  • Two-stage trigger 

  • One five-round magazine
  • Magpul® MOE rifle stock 

  • Chambered in 5.56




Hunting rifles are tailored to meet the specific needs of each application. However, the MSR offers unlimited configuration possibilities with one rifle. Upper receivers with different chamberings and barrels can be field changed in minutes. Hand guards, pistol grips and rear stocks can be adapted for hunting everything from varmints, to deer, to feral hogs.


Hunting Rifles

The Bushmaster hunting rifle offers several inherent advantages to hunters no matter their pursuit. The gas-operated system significantly reduces felt recoil, for quicker target acquisition and more precise follow-up shots. The MSR platform is more compact than most, and depending on the application, can be lighter as well. Given Bushmaster’s proven reliability in every environment and scenario makes it the ideal hunting tool.

In any configuration, for any pursuit, each Bushmaster MSR is a workhorse you can trust at the moment of truth. Several configurations feature the 450 Bushmaster, which brings big-bore stopping power to the versatility and reliability of our MSR platform. Nicknamed the “Thumper” the .450 round pushes a 250-grain projectile at 2,200 fps. With 2,800 foot-pounds of muzzle energy it delivers plenty of power for everything from feral hogs, deer, bear and elk.