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Last Update : 2008/12/01
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Question / Issue
What does the serial number on my XM15-E2S mean? One serial number starts with an "L". L487XXX, the other starts with "BFI". BFI585XXX. Also, I noticed that the snake logo varies slightly. The BFI stamped receiver has a few more lines in the snakes face. Was there a logo change? What can you tell me about the different serial numbers? Date of manufacture? Series? Place manufactured? There are also small bubbles in the magazine slide in the BFI but not in the L.

Answer / Solution
The AR15 designation is trademark of Colt Firearms. It used to belong to the original user Armalite which now uses M-15. Bushmaster uses XM15-E2S. XM for Experimental Model, 15 for semi-automatic and E2S is second generation receivers with added reinforcing. Other manufacturers use their own designations.
 The "L" and "BFI" prefixes indicate which of our two CNC machining centers the lower receivers forgings were milled on which is why the logo varies slightly.
 The L487XXX serial number series began in August 7-31-08. The BFI585XXX serial number series began 7-31-08 as well.
 Any bubbles would be in the same anodizing process in which both series are finished.

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