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Last Update : 2008/07/14
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Question / Issue
i have a xm15-e2s and a colt ar15 5.56mm magazine. i tried shooting .223 remington jhp rounds and had a failure to feed.The gun cycled and the round did not chamber it jammed into the bottom about a 1/4 inch under the barrel opening.It pushed the projectile into the brass of the round.I looked at the magazine and it just says 5.56mm round i dont know if it will chamber a 223 round.Please help. thank you.

Answer / Solution
The 5.56 and .223 magazines are the same so it should feed the .223 ammunition alright. If the hollow point is too large it may be causing the hang up if full metal jacket bullets feed alright.
 You can also check the very bottom of the feed ramps where the steel feed ramps meet the aluminum receiver to see if there is a step there. If there is it can be blended into the feed ramps at the same angles with a 1/4" diameter stone which will improve feeding.

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