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How to I remove an A2 Stock?
How do I remove the front sight to install an picatinny gas block. Will it void my warranty?
Is there a flip front sight I can install in place of the Front sight tower on the Patrolman's carbine? If there is, how can I remove the old Front sight? Is there something I can cover the pin slots with ?
I own a Bushmaster XM15-E2S 16" hbar A3 Carbine, are there any free float hand guards that do not require the removal of the barrel, frontsight post(ie:no gunsmithing)? Handguard does not have to have rails, can just be a tube.
what size cup tip punch do i need for removal of the front sight housing?
How do I remove or install an A2 Rear Sight?
I recently purchased my first AR a Bushmaster MOD XM15-E2S with no owners manual from Cabelas is the DELUXE ARMORER'S TOOL KIT Part No: A1 DARM KIT. The The Bushmaster DVD part No: ADS-002 AR15/M16 Handguard Removal Tool Part No: HGD-TOOL Adaquate for basic service andmaintance? I have cleaning supplies. Last do I have an A1 or and A2? What is A1,A2? Thank you for your time and consideration
How do I remove a Barrel?
I was reading the questions regarding sights and ran across one that I am interested in but was never really answered. The person wanted to know how to remove the FSB and install a picatinny gas block. The answer simply stated how to re-install the FSB after removal. I am wanting to do the same thing but don't know how to do it. I have access to a milling machine and am fairly good with this type of work but I can't even tell if the gas block is pinned on or fastened with screws. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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