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Is there an app on the bushmaster site where I can enter my serial number and get all specs on my rifle, such as barrel legnth, chrom lined or not, post or pre ban, date of manufacture, etc?
I have an XM15-E2S. Please advise on everything I need to install a vertical foregrip and part numbers if they are handy. Thanks for your assistance.
I am looking for info on the Bushmaster Auto Rifle from the 70's. I have one and need a few small parts. Can you send me a link or any info on the rifle. I can provide a serial number if neccesary. Thanks.
If I provide you with a serial number could you provide more information about it. Thanks
I have a Bushmaster DCM rifle with 1/4 moa rear sights. Can you tell me what the factory zero for windage is for this rifle ( i.e. number of clicks from left or right) or an approximate setting so I can re-zero the windage setting.
I am still confused as to what the exact break-in procedure is for my chrome lined AR-15. Your faq section mentions the first 200 rounds, but what do I do during the firing of those first 200 rounds? Do I clean the barrel at all during those first 200 rounds? Do I need to shoot slowly or limit the number or rounds in succession? Thanks, Greg
I looked at a bushmaster xm15-e2s today at local gun shop. it had collapsible stock, flat top, round metal forend with knurled grip. no sights. what model is this? salesman only gave me model number listed above, and that seems to cover more than one model. what is the m.s.r.p?? thanks Michael
I have a bushmaster model xm15-e2s serial number L370648. Can I buy an A-3 upper receiver from bushmaster with all the parts insided so all I have to do is remove the old upper receiver and place the new one on. I was thinking that the 14.5" M4 or the 14.5" heavy Barrel A3 models would work with my lowere receiver with out any other part changes. Will they accept the bolt I have now?
I just bought a XM-15 E2-S ORC. I am very new to these rifles and am wondering what features of this gun were banned during the assault weapons ban? My Serial Number is BFI615880. Thank You
Can I purchase a Bushmaster M17s 23 piece Field repair kit part number 30-965? Are there any foam fitted cases remaining for the M17s? Thanks Paul pdskinner@pol.net
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